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Most Misunderstood Fundamental of Life

Few people would argue that what you eat plays the most major role in determining whether you suffer from disease or not, and how you feel every moment of the day including how well you sleep and how well you … Continue reading

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Sheik Schick Schtick (No Razor Bumps with Raw)

As ┬áthe civilized diet becomes more toxic, new, “sharper”, “more lubricated” and multi-bladed razors sell for increasingly exorbitant amounts of money (they almost give away the handle but the blades cost a lot). The need for smooth shaving creams, pre-treatments, … Continue reading

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How Can I Even Describe This?

Words can not describe what incredible changes have happened to me as a result of this seemingly radical diet change. After eleven years the peaceful realization of the reality of the whole thing has set in. The first few years … Continue reading

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Know Your Nutrition Fundamentals. Very Important!

Make Sure You Grasp These Fundamentals of Nutrition! Most everyone fails when trying to “go raw” for two main reasons: 1) Ignorance of the fundamental laws of nutrition, and 2) Simple unwillingness to change. (You gotta wanna). Most important is … Continue reading

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No way am I a bodybuilder!

I never wanted to be. Even when I started transforming myself I knew I did not have the genetics for bodybuiliding, powerlifting or even to get good results from weight training. The development that I obtained is the result of … Continue reading

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Natural Doctor Total Blasphemy

We need medical doctors. Trauma surgeons for injuries. But when it comes to chronic disease md’s only prolong the agony as they treat symptoms instead of getting to the source and correcting it. Natural doctors can’t help fix broken arms … Continue reading

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How Raw Can You Go?

I wish I knew then what I know now. How I struggled ten years ago, trying to “go raw”. I only had a small amount of pasta (my only vice back then( every six months or so for the first … Continue reading

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