Build Muscle AfterTen Years on a 100% Raw Vegan Diet?

Raw Chris Califano muscle

Chris Califano has been 100% raw for over ten years. Why eat cooked?

Can you build muscle? Absolutely. But I would not have believed it when I first went raw. I lost a lot of weight! I thought it was muscle. then I realized that what I had previously built was not pure muscle to begin with. That’s right. It was always hard for me to admit it but most of the muscle I had built before I “went raw” was mostly stored garbage in my cells. All of my cells including muscle cells. Only by eating raw for many years did I discover that real muscle is dense and built from heavy progressive work over a period of years. Of course you can build more “size” when you force feed especially taking in large amounts of animal products. The hormone action will make you “grow” but only as the body hold onto undigested protein and other useless matter. The mitochondria actually become overworked as the force-feeding continues and cannot process excess nutrition fast enough, so they hold on to it. That’s why I used to “lose” three pounds if I missed a “meal.” Now, I can fast on water for 14 days and just about lose three pounds.

Many men and women are concerned about losing too much weight on a raw diet. Much of our society is overweight to start with, even if they are not classified as “fat”, so our perception of what looks healthy is tragically skewed…

Even thin people have too much cellular waste in their tissues. When they fast or make as drastic a change to their diet as eating 100% raw, they detoxify and “dump” a lot of excess weight. In my case and with my clients, there was never any feeling of serrious hunger, appetite or fatigue in the least, even when weight loss was 35 pounds in six weeks and 100 pounds in nine months. I assume that those who are having major issues with raw are not eating the correct diet. Even those who came directly from an animal based diet had no problem other than the usual minor detox symptoms, but we always knew that slowing down or stopping the healing crisis process was simple: just eat some heavier foods.

Muscle is built with carbohydrates and just the minimum amount of protein. I learned that early on, so I did not use any of the hemp or green protein powders. They only serve to clog you up, much like the other powders on the market. If anything eat the pure raw hempnut seeds in your food. But you don’t need anything other than fruits and greens to build muscle. You just have to make sure that you eat the proper amount of calories in the proper macronutrient proportions. When I went raw I wanted to keep it pure, just as before when I was cooked. Real food always works best. MArketing is what propels people to start asking “what should I take?” as soon as they join a gym. Gyms pay their rent on the sales of these supplements, but you never need them. Those who abuse them end up bloated, with foul odor, skin eruptions and more as their systems try hard to eliminate all that waste.

It is not rocket science. There are no secrets. Building muscle takes hard progressive work on the right exercises, proper real food and adequate rest, fresh air and sunshine. It does not require long bombing and blitzing workouts nor does it work when you do “pumping” health spa style fitness routines. Leave the chrome and ferns to the spa crowd. Real fitness is real fitness. Just like real food is raw, whole, ripe and fresh!

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