Most Misunderstood Fundamental of Life

Few people would argue that what you eat plays the most major role in determining whether you suffer from disease or not, and how you feel every moment of the day including how well you sleep and how well you heal, think, perform, etc. Those who do not “believe” this are either ignorant (not a bad thing), addicted (that is easy to fix with correct diet…and check out the little known truths about taste addiction at, and emotional disorder (that can be a problem but it is mostly all about the person “wanting to” change or not… as modern psychology as proven…)

Chris Califano raw vegan myth crusher

Never underestimate the power of Fundamental Nutrition. You can't argue with results. If I can actually build pure muscle JUST with whole raw fruits, dark greens and a tiny amount of nuts, seeds and avocado (ZERO refined oils, salt, supplements, mumbo-jumbo raw dehydrated bars, etc., then what can I say! And not just for a few years. Ten years!

But the biggest MISCONCEPTION about fruits and vegetables is amazingly obvious. People treat them like snacks, adding them to meals. Sorry people. Health can only be yours when you make them your entire meal. Your entire diet.

In other words, eat nothing else, or at least limit all your other “foods” (is that really a “food” or is it a manufactured product? …insert gentle, loving sarcasm here) to no more than ten percent of your diet- fifteen at most, and see what happens. If you have the male or female guts to let go of  brainwashed addictions and at least try to go 100% raw (after you detox all the garbage out from at least being vegan and sensible for a few months first, and then 85% raw for another few months, while letting your cells at least start to return to normal design specs, then you will feel what waking up in a lean healthy super awake body actually feels like!

Everyone knows that even “true blues” like the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, World Health Organization, Centers For Disease Control, John Hopkins University, harvard, Yale, Cornell, countless others (not some nutcase on a soap box in the parking lot of your local health food store…) and the entire intelligent planet have been urging us to eat at least “five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every SINGLE day” for optimal health. YOu did not hear it here first. But why are you not doing it. Hey.. it’s your funeral. (And please excuse my seemingly insensitive anger- health has not as much to do with living longer than it does with not crapping yourself for the last few years of your life. It is a fact that at least 40% (that is conservative) of adults will suffer greatly the last ten years of their life. Heck, I know people now ten years younger than me who complain about hemorrhoids, dribbling, fatigue, stomach problems, headaches, and this is every day. But when I see their shopping cart it is more than obvious.

Your diet must be at least 70% raw whole fruits and vegetables. Few people even come close. The average American eats 7% per day. If they are lucky. And french fries and ketchup account for half so they are in essence getting 20 times less than they should. Or they eat some cooked veggies and call it even. They have no idea how much they need, as they have never figured it out by calorie.

People misinterpret the 70% or seven servings for optimal health to mean that if they only get one or two then they are going to have “some” health.

Pardon the strength of my deliverance but while my clients are living the good life, the rest of the society is getting old and sick fast. Luckily my mom (guess her age) is not on one single medication, nor does she suffer the health woes of people even twenty years younger. Check out her picture here. Guess her age and there will be a very special prize in it for you.

Your body does not work that way. Unless you enjoy sniffling, sore or dry throat upon waking up, congestion, headaches or stomach aches EVER, or any of the other “cold and flu symptoms” that most people always seem to be suffering from, or even sometimes, like once a year for more hours or even days or weeks!

This simply does not happen when you eat your entire diet made up of fruits and vegetables. In fact most people think that carrots and apples and lettuce are the main fruits and vegetables.

Nope. DARK GREENS are your mainstay, but they as a group are ten to twenty times more nutritious than carrots or potatoes, which have no usable nutrition- potatoes are just filling… they control populations and are called “staples” but they are not sustainable for health.

Only dark greens (and only when assimilated properly, not the way most people wolf them down, plus abundant fruits, not fruit juices, can provide the nutrition that your body need to be normal.

Few have ever experienced what it feels like to have normal health. SOme go so far as to take handfuls of vitamin pills, even going so far as to believe that the “fruits and veggies in pill form” are somehow going to “get them by”. It is a shame that they have nothing to compare it to. If they were to eat a diet that was at least 705 and hopefully 90% raw whole foods (no processed “health food” mumbo-jumbo products, then they would understand in one fell swoop what it really feels like to live the way we were designed. Try it for at least a month. Even a week or a few days will be such a “lightbulb going off” experience that you would have to be into torture to go back.

Never have an apple a day. Then go have your pasta or a bagel. The idea is to have a half dozen sweet ripe mangoes for lunch at least! Yesterday I had six peaches with four mangoes cubed in a bowl. Of course they were perfectly ripe (I am amazed at how many people eat some non-ripe or over ripe fruit and then tell me how they do not care for the “off” taste of mangoes, for example. They did not do it right!

Don’t eat like a wimp or a brainwashed civilized pale skin. Milk toast. Pencil neck. Panty-waist. Politically Correct. Whatever you want to call it. Civilize your mind if you dare… but make savage the body for best results. Eat fruit as a meal, not as a little snack (that is for baby legs…Please insert “Hans and Franz” accent here).

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