Sheik Schick Schtick (No Razor Bumps with Raw)

As  the civilized diet becomes more toxic, new, “sharper”, “more lubricated” and multi-bladed razors sell for increasingly exorbitant amounts of money (they almost give away the handle but the blades cost a lot).

raw food shaving no razor bumps

Are we up to six blades yet?

The need for smooth shaving creams, pre-treatments, emollients and super tech razors is an interesting testimony to how rough people’s skin has become and there is no end in site (other than … face replacement?).

Bumpy skin is caused by diet. Toxins resulting from bad diet erupt out of the largest eliminative organ that we have- our skin- and enlarge and aggravate pores and follicles.

Ever since I got my skin in the right place by eliminating the source, I have been able to cut my cost on shaving about 90% plus enjoy almost 100% nick-free and certainly ultra-smooth comfortable shaves ever since. Yet one more small (large for many) benefit to eating the best way.

As you add up all the benefits it becomes clear that a 100% raw vegan diet (done the best way) is not only easy once you lose the bad habits and gain the better ones, but any effort that you put in at the start is rewarded at least a hundred fold not just in genuine health that is undeniable, but the time saving is astronomical along with saving money on al those worthless cosmetics! Treat the source, not the symptoms!

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