Genetic Misunderstanding

Fact: Cancer, heart disease and all major chronic diseases are affected by your genes about 1%, if that.

Fact: Your bone structure, body type, hair color, eye color, skin color and physical attributes are 100% genetic.

Yet, people have been led to believe that they can not do anything about their chronic dis-ease, but they can do everything to significantly alter their body type!

As Luther Burbank reminded us, “Heredity is nothing more than stored environment. We now know this to be true since it is common to reverse cancer, heart disease, and chronic life-threatening diseases in as little as eight weeks. Even main stream science and medicine is all over the news the last ten year with reports on how, for example, men’s prostate cancer markers went down 95% in eight weeks due to significant diet change.

Anyone who is unaware of the significant and superior (actual disease reversal instead of temporarily treating symptoms as drugs and supplements do) benefits of diet has been living in a vacuum.

Unfortunately, the misinformation about “genetics” stems from simple misunderstanding, and thus, dangerous lifestyle choices. The fundamentals of genetics are known, yet the information that filters down to the public is completely twisted.

The New England Journal of Medicine stated that, “There is no controversy in nutrition, it is only how it is interpreted FOR the public. The same holds true for genetics. Marketers “interpret” the fundamentals for us, twisting them completely around until they are actually in reverse. It is difficult to discover the truth if one relies on “research” since, “The truth is so precious that it… is surrounded by a bodyguard of lies”, as Winston Churchill so eloquently put it.

The best and only way to determine what is truth, is by experience. Most so-called “professionals” and “experts” are very myopic in their chosen field. Few know how to put it all together. “What does it all mean? is the question only answered by each individual. It will always lead to the exact same conclusions, but we must make our own mistakes in order to trust ourselves.

Man’s “power of reasoning” has backfired terribly on him. He has basically reasoned himself to death by ignoring natural instinct and instead running after man-made artificial knowledge. Building and maintaining a computer is one thing but building and maintaining your body is totally different. You must consult with nature or your creator (whatever belief you subscribe to) and then by trial and error we all ultimately discover the best diet and lifestyle. Some are blessed to get there quicker than the rest, and should help those who lag behind.


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