No Such Thing As So-Called Food Addiction

There is no such thing as emotional food addiction as most people understand it. The interesting thing is that once you change your diet to the proper one as designed by nature, any deviant behavior goes away just as chronic illness is eliminated. People think that the mind is separate and requires extra meditation, motivation or medication when in actual practice these things, as mildly helpful as they can be in certain cases, never get to the root source. The clients I have worked with for the past 30 years prove this, not that it is not common scientific knowledge. It is a shame that this truth is twisted 180 degrees into marketing products and services that are, at most, useless in all but the most important situations. The health crisis is not solved with money, drugs, supplements or “treatments”.. I know for a fact (and it happens to be a fact even if you have never experienced it) that only a proper diet creates proper health. It works every time. Of course few people know what a proper diet is.. they have all sorts of “ideas”….. the proper diet must consist of a minimum of 80% carbohydrate (fruit is the absolute best), no more than 10% fat total protein (dark green leaves are the absolute best source of protein and minerals by the way) and no more than 10% fat (best sources are avocado, and some nuts and seeds) It just so happens that fruits are your number one source of vitamins; number two best source of minerals and vegetables are your number one source of minerals and number two source of vitamins. And dark greens of course are the best “vegetable” – they are in a class by themselves (compared to lesser vegetables such as carrots, or potatoes which have almost no nutrition, just starch calories. What most people do not realize is that even with the so-called degradation of our soil and the added agricultural practices to make more food profitable and abundant for the masses, WHOLE FRESH RIPE fruits and the proper selection of vegetables are still the number one source of nutrition on this planet and are the source of human calories. Unfortunately, brainwashing, culture, habits and mass media has caused people to doubt the 54 million year old common sense of eating. They try to get health out of a bottle and when they get sick they turn to drugs or “supplements”. Of course in the 50 years of “holistic” health, disease has only skyrocketed. Still, most people insist that they are healthy. I am heart broken at how many suffer needlessly due to the brainwashing that is prevalent even with so-called intelligent people.

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