Pad Thai Experiment

Here’s a dish I designed for my chefs to make yesterday for our transitional raw athletes and Best Weigh Ultimate LIfe clients.We also made some for the good people at Rising Ride Natural Market of course.

I never had Pad Thai before, cooked or raw, (never liked the blandness of it- too many worthless bean sprouts and non-nutrition-desnse food I thought…), so I researched the authentic recipes plus asked a few of my native Asian clients and friends for some tips and came up with this. I made the noodles the traditional raw gourmet way of spiralizing zucchini and then lightly salting and pressing it to make it like al dente pasa (I am quite expert on that being from a continental traveling Italian household as I grew up!! lol) and coating it with an almond-chil sauce I made, then adding fresh herbs and the proper slicedm dices or matchsticked vegies with some lime.

Surprisingly, many saidt it was the best Pad Thai they ever tasted. I do not eat this way anymore, but I had to have a serving but on top of a half pound of fresh baby spinach, since this dish is so creamy rich.

I have no idea how this should taste but I like to make things taste good, so I guess it turned out okay!

First Attempt Raw Pad Thai by Chris

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