Real Muscle or Just Bulked UP Waste Products?

Is that muscle pure muscle really pure muscle tissue? Or is it “bulked” (translation: filled with waste products) that are either 1) the result of forced feeding, 2) water retention caused by inorganic sodium chloride.

When I chose the name “The Best Weigh” almost 30 years ago, I wanted to call attention to the importance of your body to be the best ratio of adipose to lean tissue. I remember seeing people at my high school reunion years later who bragged that they “weighed” the same than when they were 18! Little did they remember that they had become “inverted vee-shapes” since then. Sure, they weighed the same but now their muscle sites had shrunk while their fat sites had increased. They sported twig-like thighs, sunken pectorals and flat backs yet they weighed the same as when their body composition was more appealing, injury-resistant, and health-supporting. The scale is not a good measure of your body composition in terms of fat to muscle.

When I went completely vegan in 1985 I did it to increase performance, health and better “weigh”, realizing that the fat to lean ratio was only the beginning. Going raw more than ten years later made a much greater difference, but low fat raw vegan 80.10.10 gives the best health and fitness results by far.
This next step involves getting the actual cells to be of good quality, since anyone can gain muscle “size” by eating more “food” no matter whether it is cooked, animal, processed, vegan or high fat raw. The poorer the quality the food, such as bread, rice and pasta, dehydrated “raw treats” and the like… the easier and more convenient it is to bulk the muscles (and fat cells) full of garbage. But this is not functional muscle. Even those who consume raw rice “protein” powders and so-called “superfood supplements” will hold undigested garbage that their cells can not utilize. This extra smooth size is the result of the body’s catabolic metabolism becoming unable to eliminate waste products fast enough. You can usually tell by their bloated stomachs and even faces. Not to mention those who consume animal protein such as milk and eggs which disrupt the hormonal function so much as to cause artificial overgrowth. Of course strength only increases with progressive resistance training. The muscle fibers strengthen and get slightly thicker, as do the tendons to a much lesser extent. But the mitochondria enjoy the “greatest girth” as they become unable to process waste. As a result, your cells in general hold on to more waste material. You appear bigger, but you are not stronger due to the excess waste, only weaker.

Each ounce of ANTIbiotic inorganic salt must be suspended in a solution of about six lb. of water in order for the body not to die. (Even an ounce of salt taken at one time will kill you.. salt solutions are injected to cause abortions…) Salt is poison and your body dilutes it in order to survive. The typical American is carrying four ounces of salt in their bodies, thus they have 24 lb. of excess salt water stored in their tissues.

My wonderful wellness and fitness experiment continues as I see the results of consuming no salt for the past six months. For years I have lost more excess waste from my cells, resulting in my getting proportionately stronger and healthier. It is interesting to see the creation of real, hard, pure muscle that is not “padded” in any way. Next time you see your favorite movie actor, keep in mind that about 24 pounds of that “muscle” is water.

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3 Responses to Real Muscle or Just Bulked UP Waste Products?

  1. Michael says:

    Hey chris. I went raw a few days ago and I’m currently detoxifying.. When I feel better Im planning to start hitting the gym full force!! I was just wondering what exercises you recommended to build the most functional muscle. While building more mass. I know it will take longer as an 80-10-10 because of not bloating the cells and only eating clean natural foods but Im willing to be patient. Any pointers for my training and weight lifting

    • Michael. Since I went 80 10 10 I have become 90 5 5. I am happy to report that I have never made better gains my whole lifting life (other than the initial six months of course when I first started over 35 years ago) than with fruit as 99.9% of my total calories. Of course those who eat SAD will be sligthly bigger (not healthy etc), but you will not be sorry when you eat your 80 10 10 or better I am telling you! The key is to eat enough. As far as exercises, choose only the compound ones. Second rule is never exhaust yourself. Progressive resistance is the key. Good luck and tell me your progress, as it will be great I am sure.

      • Michael says:

        Thanks for the tips chris! Im definetely going to focus on the compound exercises such as weighted dips, chins, squats and deadlifts. Just one question though, what do you think of incline benchpress for upper chest? anyways thanks again for all the great advice. I will be talking to you in a couple of months. See ya!

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