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Real Muscle or Just Bulked UP Waste Products?

Is that muscle pure muscle really pure muscle tissue? Or is it “bulked” (translation: filled with waste products) that are either 1) the result of forced feeding, 2) water retention caused by inorganic sodium chloride. When I chose the name … Continue reading

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Pad Thai Experiment

Here’s a dish I designed for my chefs to make yesterday for our transitional raw athletes and Best Weigh Ultimate LIfe clients.We also made some for the good people at Rising Ride Natural Market of course. I never had Pad … Continue reading

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Biggest Deception In The Raw Food Industry

Some people would make it seem as if it is “healthier” to add some cooked food to a raw food diet. But when investigating their evidence it shows them adding only about a ten percent addition of cooked food to … Continue reading

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No Such Thing As So-Called Food Addiction

Food addictions as most people understand them are usually completely eliminated once that person adopts the proper diet…. Continue reading

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Genetic Misunderstanding

Fact: Cancer, heart disease and all major chronic diseases are affected by your genes about 1%, if that. Fact: Your bone structure, body type, hair color, eye color, skin color and physical attributes are 100% genetic. Yet, people have been … Continue reading

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Most Misunderstood Fundamental of Life

Few people would argue that what you eat plays the most major role in determining whether you suffer from disease or not, and how you feel every moment of the day including how well you sleep and how well you … Continue reading

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Sheik Schick Schtick (No Razor Bumps with Raw)

As ┬áthe civilized diet becomes more toxic, new, “sharper”, “more lubricated” and multi-bladed razors sell for increasingly exorbitant amounts of money (they almost give away the handle but the blades cost a lot). The need for smooth shaving creams, pre-treatments, … Continue reading

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