How Can I Even Describe This?

Words can not describe what incredible changes have happened to me as a result of this seemingly radical diet change. After eleven years the peaceful realization of the reality of the whole thing has set in. The first few years were rough, since my ego would not let me let go of old habits. But luckily my mind and dedication persevered. I had to do it

From three-times faster recuperation from hard workouts to triple the endurance I had when I was 19 (32 years ago), to extremely fast healing from cuts, to forgetting what a sore throat or congestion even feels like, to waking up full of energy without morning breath, to never having any of the so-called cold and flu symptoms that most people constantly complain about… this has been a wild ride, literally.

I remember my beard would get razor bumps a long time ago. That was diet too! Amazing. But it makes sense. Your skin is the largest eliminative organ, so when clogged with processed food, refined oils, cooked food and other toxins, it exudes a rough and bumpy texture. Of course. Now I can use the low cost razors and I have had perfect shaves for over a decade. (Going 100% vegan 25 years ago also helped, but raw really did it).

Of course those who are on a clean diet know that breath and body odor become a thing of the past. That “stuff that you wake up with” in the corners of your eyes never returns either. I think my last box of kleenex was purchased a decade ago? I can’t remember.

Bruises, interestingly, for myself and also for Bonnie, Scott, Barbara, and my mom are never purple or yellowish, and they heal in a day or less if there is any indication of swelling at all. Cuts heal fast of course- it blows you away the first time you notice this- in other words the body is functioning as it should.

There are so many other things- big and small- that we experience that I could go on and on. At this point the fireworks of discover are over. I just feel blessed that I am one of those people who trusted logic, nature and “god” science, and most of all, had the perseverance to keep on going even though most people were not as gung ho ten years ago or even before that when we went vegan.

Now I  am convinced- I own the fact  why doctors, nutritionists and so-called experts (you know- the ones responsible for the health and economic crisis) are not fully convinced that the 100% raw vegan diet (when done right, not the way the media portrays it) is the only way to prevent and reverse chronic disease. These people who are supposed to know how to help others simply have never helped themselves. There is no other explanation.


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Know Your Nutrition Fundamentals. Very Important!

Make Sure You Grasp These Fundamentals of Nutrition!

Most everyone fails when trying to “go raw” for two main reasons: 1) Ignorance of the fundamental laws of nutrition, and 2) Simple unwillingness to change. (You gotta wanna).

Most important is the correct proportion of macronutrients. Carbohydrates, must predominate your diet, followed by a small amount of protein and an even smaller amount of fat.

Fruit is your carbohydrate source. Dark greens are your protein source. Avocado, nuts and seeds are your fat sources. But you can thrive if you do not even add any of those. There is enough essential fatty acids in the fruits, greens and vegetables. Especially in summer you will feel, look and perform best when severely limiting your outside fat and just eating fruits and vegetables. (When I say fruit I mean sweet fruits, not the “vegetable fruits” like avocados, cucumbers, etc. We are talking nutritionally here not botanically).

Eating a diet that is eighty or eighty-five percent fruit, five to ten percent protein and five to ten percent fat! fits the basic fundamentals of nutrition proportions since the beginning of recorded history. It has nothing to do with “raw”, even though to think that cooking food is somehow “fundamental” is the direct opposite of what history proves.

When we are smart enough to apply these fundamental percentages of calories to raw vegan, and eat only whole foods then we make it simpler, easier, more convenient, and guess what? More delicious. That is correct. The only reason you are still eating bad foods that “taste good” is because your taste buds are dormant. Luckily the human animal DNA allows you to get your natural taste for whole natural foods back. If you do not know how to do this and you think it’s hard then think again. You have been brainwashed and you are also addicted. Get off that wagon. The typical gourmet raw food diet is only “training wheels” and not to be followed forever.

One of the biggest mistakes going from 100% plant-based to 100% raw plant-based is not eating enough fruit. Eliminating all grains (pasta. bread, rice, crackers) is a requirement of health. But you have to substitute fruit to make put the same amount of calories. Calories are and always have been the key to human survival and health. Unfortunately, those calories have become civilized into processed foods, in order to squeeze the most calories out of them. It is not natural. “Staples” like bread are not healthy. The so-called ” Staff of Life” is not a good thing. Only a temporary crutch or cane used until a broken leg heals. Use the “staff” for a long time and you will remain a cripple. So it is with bread and pasta and potatoes. They are the “staples” of modern civilization. Keep in mind that chronic disease began at the same time as modern civilization. The word staple is used loosely. We must learn the true meaning of what a true staple is- fruit.

These cooked grain products provide no usable nutrition but they do fill people up and bloat the cells with empty calories. A bit like fat, they “satisfy” in large amounts but do not give you anything but a feeling of fullness (and a bloated body as well. I used to think that I was building muscle when I was only adding bloated size. Year later I discovered what real pure muscle was based on real pure raw foods such as fruit and dark greens).

Fat is very satisfying. But you do not have to eat much fat at all. It is the EFA’s or essential fatty acids as they are called that you need, and fruits, greens and vegetables have enough of them to make your body look and run like a race car.

If you require, for example 2000 calories per day, then you can get most of that in the equivalent of ten bananas and six or seven mangoes. Or pears. Or persimmons. Or peaches. You only need a pound of dark greens or two per day for protein. Blend it and it is easy to consume in a fruit smoothie. The tiny bit of fat you need is built in to the fruit and greens and some vegetables. You can eat a little avocado or a bit of nuts or seeds every other day.

Gage your weight loss, muscle building, energy and health (how you feel immediately upon rising is a great indication) by fine-tuning your proportions of calories from carbs (fruit), protein (DARK greens), and fats (avocado, nuts or seeds). But stick to the fundamental 80% to 10 max to 10% max. Remember that since you are not using packaged foods, your job of figuring this out is so much easier!

When you actually do the math, you will be amazed at how little you were applying thew fundamentals of nutrition. Now get ready for the best and easiest results of your life. Do it.

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No way am I a bodybuilder!

I never wanted to be. Even when I started transforming myself I knew I did not have the genetics for bodybuiliding, powerlifting or even to get good results from weight training. The development that I obtained is the result of 1) knowledge 2) experience and 3) desire. Lots of desire. In fact the other two will take care of themselves when you have burning desire. I was so made fun of for looking “pale and sick” as I grew up in NYC. Moving to “the country” into a commensurate “athletically driven” high school lead to my thick eye-glasses, super skinny (when we wrestled in gym class they always called matches with me “battle of the bones”) physique being made fun of daily. Being polite to teachers only made me get beat up more. The library was this nerd’s answer and books were always my friends, so I learned the correct way to exercise to build up my “gaunt” (as my seventh-grade english teacher Mrs. Wilt) put it so eloquently as she told me to stand up to define the word in class.

Chris transformed himself by training progressively with basics, hard work, desire and patience.

Through the years I discovered that 99% of fitness and nutrition is pure fallacy and nonsense. At best it deceives well-meaning men and women into believing that they have to spend long hours with countless exercises. Even for overall fitness, a few hours a week is much more than enough. Much more. Of course cardio is incredibly easy, which is why most people do it. Believe it or not weight training is the one that will transform your life more, and for your information, DIET protects your heart more than cardiovascular endurance exercise ever will. You need both but proper weight training is the key not only to endurance (yes) but to weight management as well, and it adds contour to bodies that were not born as nice as the rest of God’s masterpieces.

But I never wanted to be a bodybuilder. Heck I never even liked them. All my friends thought that they were too hung up on themselves. (Please take no offense if you are a bodybuilder). I took the middle road: I never wanted to emulate them completely, just a little in terms of learning how they developed their bodies. I figured I would just apply a little bit.

I just wanted to look normal. I did not want to go through life at over six feet tall wearing a size 38 jacket. I ended up with a size 54 at one point. Remember too that I was not at all genetically gifted; in fact tennis was so easy for me. Soccer even. Swimming maybe. Skiing. I had that kind of a body (Well I would have had to build up my thighs for skiing but that happened anyway with squats). Gaining weight was incredibly hard. So hard in fact that when I met a famous bodybuilder years later he told me that it was a shame that I was too tall since I had build so much muscle. And naturally. No steroids. No supplements even. When I went vegan in ’85 I had not taken even a single desiccated liver tablet or even a multiple vitamin pill for almost a decade. Luckily I was in good company since all the professional coaches I met over the decades agreed: good food can never be replaced no matter how many o how “good” the pills and powders are. I learned the hard way, but thankfully I never made mistakes more than once.

I learned that transforming my body was made easier by the right diet. A lot easier. Vegan was the first step. Raw was even better. The body recuperates so much faster.

I started life coaching in 1978 after transforming my first student, Bob Jordan, who years later headed the Police Academy Fitness Program. After seeing him 25 years later, it is amazing how great he looks. He really does not look like he has aged since we used to train together. No pot belly. Arms thick. Lats flaring. Thighs developed. He kept it up all these years since he agrees that he best program is an efficient one that allows you to stay with it for life.

The only reason I ever show any pictures of myself in muscular poses is to underline the fact that eating raw and vegan for ten years does not make you weak. I also like to point out that I ate no “protein” since 1985 the way people define it. I took no supplements, pills or powders but live totally on real whole foods, not packaged products. I show my pictures to prove that it can be done. Not only that but with less then 90 minutes per week (usually less than 60 minutes per week 90% of the time) of total exercise.

The carry-over into my life from the proper efficient fitness, diet and lifestyle is beyond what I could ever have hoped for. That is why I have been a life coach for 33 years. It all stems from diet and exercise. These are the two main areas that psychiatrists and good doctors will always emphasize if you want to get ahead in life or reduce stress or solve problems. You can not sweep problems under the rug. You must face them. Being in control and strong enough to bounce back is the tried and proven way to accomplish your goals no matter how difficult. That is what life coaching is all about. Giving people the tools to deal with anything and everything that ever comes up, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.

Training yourself and feeding yourself the best way… from the ground up… is the greatest secret to success.For more information please visit my website here.

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Natural Doctor Total Blasphemy

We need medical doctors. Trauma surgeons for injuries. But when it comes to chronic disease md’s only prolong the agony as they treat symptoms instead of getting to the source and correcting it. Natural doctors can’t help fix broken arms or sew up lacerations so what are they good for? Selling supplements? I know dozens of people who have paid upwards of eight hundred dollars for a “consltation” and then ended up with a bag full of supplements costing another four hundred.

Twenty years ago I accompanied an acquaintance  into New York to see a well known natural doctor who was renting space with another naturopath two days a week. It cost six hundred dollars (and this was twenty years ago) just to see this person. What did he do? He had Mary (not her real name) hold different substances in small bottles as the connected device registered “allergies.” Then he gave her a sample of Stevia and proceeded to sell her supplements.

Mary was a party animal. She would drink and stay up late on the weekends. I also know that she abused food almost every day of the week. She was a very nice person but she had food and alcohol issues; enough to severely affect her health. The natural doctor prescribed supplements and gave her stevia.

So what is the best way to get to the source? PROPER DIET OF COURSE.

If every natural doctor simply knew how to cure the source, then they would not be “natural doctors”. Mother nature is the only natural doctor. Save all your supplements, foot treatments, biofeedback machines, drips and other “treatments” for fantasy-land. The only best way to get to the source is to actually get to the source! Change the diet COMPLETELY.

People think that eating “light” or “organic” is somehow going to make their diet better. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: If your diet is not 100% raw, whole; and is made up of only fruits, dark greens, vegetables and some nuts and seeds then you are notgoing to experience even basic health. Few people even know what it feels like to be healthy. There is no such thing as “super health” there is only health. Just like you can not be 99% pregnant. You either are or you are not.

You know that natural doctors do not know the most important way to restore health! They have never experienced health for themselves! If they knew what real health actually felt like then they would be the first ones to throw out their inneffective supplements and truly useless treatments, because it would all pale in comparison to the results even one week of raw vegan would achieve. Since they are not dumping the gimmicks and rushing to make raw food or at the very least green smoothies by the gallon for every one of their patients, then all I can gather is that they have no idea what health feels like,  tests like, or looks like. There is no other explanation. Why would anyone use a toothpick to move earth when a bulldozer was available? Obviously they either have no idea that the bulldozer is there, or they own stock in toothpicks.

Granted, knowing how to go raw the best way is not widely known. It took me years to figure it out. Ten years to master it. But it could have been done in a few months if I had known better, or anyone who did know took the time to teach me. I am not talking about a raw chef- that is only step one. I had to sort out and actually experiment with it while trying to dissect what all the “experts” were saying. I had to put the fundamentals of nutrition to the absolute test. I discovered again (just as I learned thirty years ago as a fitness specialist) that there is no substitute for experience. It is amazing how even the basics of human nutrition are completely misrepresented by nutritionists and natural doctors. Yet, even with a perfect raw vegan diet (not the gourmet raw vegan “training wheels for food addicts” diet), the fundamentals remain the fundamentals.

There were at least two popular natural doctors in my area over the last twenty years. I won’t mention names but I will tell you that I had many of their clients as my own clients. They all told me the same thing: “I spent ten thousand dollars or more before the natural doctor told me that going 100% raw vegan would help me the most of anything I could possibly do”.

If your natural doctor wants to really heal people then he or she had better learn how to transition them to raw vegan.

But… if they do that then they will have give up their practice, as a logical step, since hey will actually have found the best way to cure people. It would become so obvious. That may mean a lot less income since raw food can not match the easy profit of supplements. The irony is that if they truly wanted to TEACH (The word doctor literally means “to teach”) people how to get well then they would teach them how to eat raw. The only way to eat to be well is to eat raw vegan. Thousands of scientific studies prove this. If you would like me to show them to you, just attend my classes or ask any of my students… they will be happy to enlighten you. But the best way is to just try it. Your body can never be deceived. One has to do more than just “understand” raw. They have to actually be 100% raw or at least 95% raw for long enough to experience the myriad of benefits that have to be felt in order to be believed. That’s why I know that natural doctors have not become raw- they would be shouting it from the rooftops!

I love doctors. We need them is some life or death emergencies for trauma. Of course the drugs may kill us but their steady hands may help us for sure. But natural doctors? I am sorry to say that there is no need for them. (Sorry, if you are one, but I have to tell it like it is. I do not believe in wasting lives!)  The real doctor of the future is the chef of the future, at least as “training wheels” for the short transitional period between the Standard American/ European Diet and a PROPER  RAW VEGAN DIET that does not involve all the fancy-shamncy abominable combinations that raw food chefs have to create in order to seduce raped taste buds.

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How Raw Can You Go?

I wish I knew then what I know now. How I struggled ten years ago, trying to “go raw”. I only had a small amount of pasta (my only vice back then( every six months or so for the first two years, but then I had enough RawSkilz to enjoy eating more than I did when I was cooked.  So, I just had to incorporate the delicious food and methods I had taught myself through the most severe trial and error to my existing clients, who had all become vegan of course as part of their fitness and wellness plan at The Best Weigh Center For Ultimate Health.

The Best Weigh Raw Food Plan Glen Cove New York live teaching kitchen

Chris putting the finishing touches on a day's raw food entrees for clients on phase one of the Best Weigh Program.

If I knew then what I know now I would have saved about five years of hardship. Being an Aries I will break my head or I will break through the wall. This time I broke on through to the other side, but I bruised my “head ” more than with any other project I ever embarked upon.

When you put your heart and soul into something and really do it not just talk about it, and instead of wasting time promoting your beliefs you simply prove them on a daily basis (when those beliefs are in fact universal and irrefutable, and you have mastered them without question, then you know you are on to something…), then, my friends, you will discover that there is very little competition.

Most people only think that they are healthy. Personally I always enjoyed striving and I will never stop but I have to tell you that going raw for ten years has even made going vegan since 1985 seem like the veritable drop in the bucket. There is no comparison.

The protein myth, kale number one food, raw muscle building new york

Chris has crushed the protein myth since 1985.

For all of you “health conscious” people out there who want to really feel what it is like living in a lean and truly healthy body (no need to take any vitamin pills or silly green powders or think that organic coffee and cigarettes or free-range chicken or cold water fish are somehow going to make you healthier….) you ain’t seen nuthin’ [ until you have truly been raw at least a few months or more. Or even give it one month. I mean 100% commitment for one month. I have classes and food plans that I have been doing for eight years now raw (cooked vegan for 20 years before that) and I am not going to be sharing this stuff in person forever. So take advantage now so you can discover how to cut through the hype of health and the chicanery and false promises of “wellness” and really be healthy once and for all. I only train and transform 12 people in any given year. If you are serious, and you can not attend a group class then I will be happy to help you get started. Email me via my Facts And How To Get Started Page here on my website for the details and then we can get serious.

There are few things in this life that can really wow you forever. This is one of them.

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Build Muscle AfterTen Years on a 100% Raw Vegan Diet?

Raw Chris Califano muscle

Chris Califano has been 100% raw for over ten years. Why eat cooked?

Can you build muscle? Absolutely. But I would not have believed it when I first went raw. I lost a lot of weight! I thought it was muscle. then I realized that what I had previously built was not pure muscle to begin with. That’s right. It was always hard for me to admit it but most of the muscle I had built before I “went raw” was mostly stored garbage in my cells. All of my cells including muscle cells. Only by eating raw for many years did I discover that real muscle is dense and built from heavy progressive work over a period of years. Of course you can build more “size” when you force feed especially taking in large amounts of animal products. The hormone action will make you “grow” but only as the body hold onto undigested protein and other useless matter. The mitochondria actually become overworked as the force-feeding continues and cannot process excess nutrition fast enough, so they hold on to it. That’s why I used to “lose” three pounds if I missed a “meal.” Now, I can fast on water for 14 days and just about lose three pounds.

Many men and women are concerned about losing too much weight on a raw diet. Much of our society is overweight to start with, even if they are not classified as “fat”, so our perception of what looks healthy is tragically skewed…

Even thin people have too much cellular waste in their tissues. When they fast or make as drastic a change to their diet as eating 100% raw, they detoxify and “dump” a lot of excess weight. In my case and with my clients, there was never any feeling of serrious hunger, appetite or fatigue in the least, even when weight loss was 35 pounds in six weeks and 100 pounds in nine months. I assume that those who are having major issues with raw are not eating the correct diet. Even those who came directly from an animal based diet had no problem other than the usual minor detox symptoms, but we always knew that slowing down or stopping the healing crisis process was simple: just eat some heavier foods.

Muscle is built with carbohydrates and just the minimum amount of protein. I learned that early on, so I did not use any of the hemp or green protein powders. They only serve to clog you up, much like the other powders on the market. If anything eat the pure raw hempnut seeds in your food. But you don’t need anything other than fruits and greens to build muscle. You just have to make sure that you eat the proper amount of calories in the proper macronutrient proportions. When I went raw I wanted to keep it pure, just as before when I was cooked. Real food always works best. MArketing is what propels people to start asking “what should I take?” as soon as they join a gym. Gyms pay their rent on the sales of these supplements, but you never need them. Those who abuse them end up bloated, with foul odor, skin eruptions and more as their systems try hard to eliminate all that waste.

It is not rocket science. There are no secrets. Building muscle takes hard progressive work on the right exercises, proper real food and adequate rest, fresh air and sunshine. It does not require long bombing and blitzing workouts nor does it work when you do “pumping” health spa style fitness routines. Leave the chrome and ferns to the spa crowd. Real fitness is real fitness. Just like real food is raw, whole, ripe and fresh!

For more information please visit my website here.

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Raw Hell’s Kitchen in Glen Cove NY

In 1978 I began transforming lives by means of real food nutrition and efficient fitness. Since 1989 we’ve been running The Best Weigh Center for Ultimate Health Total Life Makeover Program, by means of a special raw food kitchen and efficient fitness facility. We completed major renovations last year in order to better serve our faithful core of fitness and raw food clients.

The Best Weigh Raw Kitchen cancer reversal and prevention classPart of our program was our Best Weigh Raw Food Plan that we made fresh three times per week for over seven years. Designed to make going raw completely automatic, it attracted too many people who just wanted to go raw for the novelty of it since it tasted so good! I ended up in the raw food catering business, while working twelve hour days with my loyal raw team staff. The problem was the quality of the food. As you know, raw transitional dishes must be made in batches. They can not be mass produced. Therefore, more clients does not mean more profit. Only more hours per day. It ended up taking away from the main thrust of  The Best Weigh Center For Ultimate Health which is complete life makeover. Of course, the automatic seamless change from cooked to raw that we achieved for our clients is a very major part of a total lifestyle makeover! Those who had the desire did not have to lose any cravings or adopt any new skills. It was totally automatic. Even lifetime sugar cravings and salt cravings went away without any effort. Cholesterol went down more than with the strongest staten drugs, as medical reports confirmed. Recuperation from intense physical activity was three times quicker and endurance increased three times without any additional cardiovascular exercise. Chronic allergies went away altogether. Healing from cuts and bruises was so fast that it startled people until they got used to it. Flu and cold symptoms went away forever. Sleep was deep and complete and everyone woke up so much more refreshed than ever before in their lives. the list goes on and on. All automatic due to the special raw food diet that I designed as per my experience transitioning from a vegan cooked food diet as a healthy bodybuilder who wanted to get lean but not lose hard-earned muscularity.

The Best Weigh raw pasta marinara

My interpretation of a raw vegan mushroom marinara.

The health was always in the food. The behavior modification was always in the food. The best results are always in the food. T Colin Campbell, author of the world famous China Study, director of The China Project and leader of epidemiology in our century has always underlined the fact that “…all the science in the world is useless unless you actually eat plan-based diet every day.” He will tell you that the best nutrition is a raw plant-based diet.n In fact, the Monell Center has proven that the secret behind food and sensory dependency is always the food. People continue to make appointments with “weight loss” or “food issue” psychologists when it is not “will power” that is the issue but simply the wrong diet has to be eliminated and replaced with the right one. I have discovered too, that good tasting healthy food is the answer in all cases. It is a no brainer (just a lot of work to make the food, when you are transitioning). You truly are what you eat.

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